Independence – Starting Out

The funny thing about the internet is how very few people realise that never before in human history has it been easier for someone to:

  1. Learn some new skills

  2. Design and build a product using the skills you’ve learned

  3. Distribute the product to a worldwide market

  4. Get feedback from users of the product and improve it iteratively

All for minimal cost. All independently.

Design Thinking Agile Team in a Large Corporate – A Practitioner’s Learnings

I don’t have any paper certifications that relates to Agile or Design Thinking, but I have delivered several products as a Product Owner in a few large corporations. More importantly, I’ve also been in a few large corporations that drink the two day design sprint Kool-aid only to find that they revert to “BAU” mode after paying for an overpriced trainer’s week of work. Applying Design Thinking in an Agile Software delivery team is not rocket science, but requires plenty of hard work and perseverance to change a pre-existing mindset.