The Best Accessories for the Fujifilm X-E3

Since my previous article on accessories for the X-T2 was rather popular, I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my thoughts on what are the best accessories I have for the X-E3. This time, I’ll add lenses to the mix too.

Lenses on my X-E3

I currently travel with three primary lenses for my X-E3. These three are great for casual weekend trips that my X-E3 tends to accompany me on.

Fujinon XF23MMF1.4

I love the field of view this gives me. 35mm has always been my “Go-to” equivalent field of view as it matches closely to what my eyes see. This also sort of turns the X-E3 into a “fast-albeit-bulky” X100, sans macro mode.

Fujinon XF16MMF1.4

Oddly enough I use this lens as a pseudo-macro lens the most. Its close focusing distance allows you to take “Contextual macros” very easily by placing subjects within its environments.

Fujinon XF56MMF1.2

Like the 85mm lenses from many other brands, this lens is a stunner for portraits and full body shots. Minimal distortion and a fast F1.2 aperture

Fujinon XF1024MMF4

For trips involving magic hour landscape or cityscape shoots, I throw in the XF 10-24mm in the bag as well. It’s ridiculously light for what it does and has excellent image quality. You can read my review of the lens here.

Augmenting the X-E3

A cheap, good-enough aluminium L-Bracket

I’m a big fan of L brackets. Everyone who shoots landscapes should have one. Being able to mount the X-E3 in both landscape and portrait modes on a tripod around the centre axis will help a lot when it comes to creating panoramic images.

In my experience, the cheap L brackets from China are 90% as well made as the expensive ones. There’s only so much you can do with CNC-lathed aluminium.

There is one more killer feature that the L bracket enables though. It enables you to access the battery and SD card compartment while keeping an Arca plate attached. Like I said, everyone who shoots landscapes should have one.

Mechanical Cable Shutter release

The X-E3 already has some retro cred, why not take it a step further with a mechanical cable shutter release to screw into the shutter button?

Seriously though, the best thing about these cables is that you can buy a couple and leave it in your camera bags without having to worry about replacing batteries.

Add a personal touch with a Soft Shutter button

Another benefit of having a threaded shutter button is the option to add a soft shutter button to personalise your camera.

Carrying the X-E3

Peak Design Capture V3

So the Capture V2 has been made even better with the thinner, lighter and generally better looking V3. I particularly like how the camera plate is even thinner while still acting as an Arca compatible plate for the tripod.

Pretty much a no-brainer if you do not already have a Capture clip and value quick access to your camera by securing it outside your bag.

Worth the upgrade if you’re using an older Capture on a backpack as the new design is more comfortable.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L

I love how the X-E3 fits in this bag easily with all of the lenses described above. I used this while walking around Cinque Terre with my Sirui tripod fastened on the straps.

Stabilising the X-E3

Carrying a compact camera like the X-E3 would be pointless without reducing the weight of your other heavier accessories. The great thing about the X-E3 is that it has a small aerodynamic footprint in windy conditions, it tends to shake less so you can get away with a smaller tripod than you would with a traditional DSLR.

Sirui N-1204/5X Tripod

I have three Sirui tripods, this is my favourite for the X-E3. It provides a great balance of excellent stability and portabiltiy. The centre column can be removed for low perspective shots.

This tripod fits very easily onto the carry straps of the Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L.

One of the legs can also be removed to serve as a Monopod, saving you from having to carry another.

Sirui K-20X Ballhead

This ballhead provides more than enough stability for the X-E3 with most of its lenses. It has a friction control system that you can set so that your camera doesn’t flop down the ballhead when you loosen the screw.

The included Arca plate is rather large though, I use the Arca mount on the L-bracket or a Peak Design plate instead.

Gorillapod SLR Zoom

This is is a lifesaver in the increasing number of places that don’t allow tripods like many rooftops. Just attach the K-20X ballhead, place it on a wide ledge and you’re fine for stability.

Don’t lose the 1/4” to 3/8” adapter though.

Wrapping up

Those are my favourite accessories for the X-E3 that have made it an even better camera for me. What are some of yours that I may have left out? Do let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I purchased my X-E3 with the famous 18-55mm kit lens. I already had the 23mm f2.0 prime lens (which is another kit lens option with this camera). I bought a Manfrotto Advanced Active Shoulder Bag 1 which perfectly holds the camera with either lens attached and a place to tuck the second lens. I bought a lens cleaning pen which fits perfectly into the little internal pocket on top. I also bought a Peak Design Leash camera strap. The camera, lenses, strap, and pen fit nicely into the bag. Not much room left though, but I don’t need it.

    The X-E3 is my "pocket camera". I have an X-T3 for serious stuff and lots of associated gear that I put in a Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L. What an excellent bag! All of my extras like Gopro controller, data cables, etc., will stay in here. I will only use the Manfrotto bag to throw in the car or to store at home. I won’t carry the bag.

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