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7 October 2017 / Uncategorised

The Fuji X-T2 is a fantastic camera, and you’ll probably be spending quite a fair bit more on Fujifilm’s fantastic lenses. Don’t forget some of these other essentials that can make your Fuji X-T2 an even better camera though. Here are my recommendations:

13 February 2017 / Uncategorised

I can’t think of another genre of photography that drops jaws as quickly as astrophotography, and there’s no better subject than the Galactic Centre (Heck, even the name sounds awesome) of our Milky Way. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with photographing the Milky Way.

12 February 2017 / Uncategorised

I spent 8 days in Northeast Hokkaido in January to photograph birds and wildlife in winter. If you hail from Canada, you’re probably familiar with all of the tips below already and then some. But if you’re like me and come from a country that’s mostly free of snow, the tips below should hopefully help get the logistics out of the way so you can focus on the important stuff – taking great photos.