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16 February 2018 / Uncategorised

So after many months of rumours, Fujifilm finally announced the X-H1. X-H is a reverse-play of the abbreviations for Hyper-X. Like most of the bodies that come out of Fujifilm, I’m sure it’s a solid camera.

My question is, who is this exactly for? And why is there a need to amalgamate the new features it brings into a new product line?

28 January 2018 / Uncategorised

8 years ago this day, Steve Jobs introduced iPad to the world. It was to herald the coming of the “Post-PC” era.

31 December 2017 / Uncategorised
10 December 2017 / Guides
2 December 2017 / Reviews

I was lucky enough to be able to get my iPhone X before my vacation in Italy last November and was very excited to take it with me given what I’ve heard about the newer camera modules in the iPhone 8 Plus. Could this be the best pocket camera ever?

7 October 2017 / Uncategorised

The Fuji X-T2 is a fantastic camera, and you’ll probably be spending quite a fair bit more on Fujifilm’s fantastic lenses. Don’t forget some of these other essentials that can make your Fuji X-T2 an even better camera though. Here are my recommendations:

2 October 2017 / Reviews

It seems like an eternity since Apple decided to ditch its headphone jacks on the iPhone 7 devices and caused a whole bunch of (what I thought was) overly dramatic reactions.

Now that the iPhone 8 devices are out and that the iPhone X is looming over the horizon, more people are going to face life without a headphone jack. If you’re getting your first pair of wireless earphones, I cannot think of a better pair to recommend than the Apple AirPods.

30 September 2017 / Uncategorised
28 September 2017 / Reviews

I’ve always wanted a rangefinder style second camera ever since I switched to Fuji last year. The problem was that the X-Pro2 was too big and the X-E2s was a half-baked attempt of refreshing a camera in 2016. When the X-E3 was announced, I knew I had to get one.

I’ve gotten one from a store here in Hong Kong today and have played around with it a bit. I’ll be taking it on a cruise this weekend so keep a lookout for a full review soon. Here are my first thoughts in the meantime.

5 August 2017 / Lens Reviews
30 July 2017 / Lens Reviews

The Fujinon XF 10-24mm F4 was the first lens I bought for the X system back when I got the X-T10 as a second camera to my then Sony A7R II. This lens provides a solid wide angle option for the system in a package that does not weigh down the bag.

This review will not focus on charts in a lab or specs, there are dozens of sites providing that already. I will instead focus on my experiences of creating images with this lens, and where it sits in my current stable of Fujinon lenses

27 June 2017 / Uncategorised
13 February 2017 / Uncategorised

I can’t think of another genre of photography that drops jaws as quickly as astrophotography, and there’s no better subject than the Galactic Centre (Heck, even the name sounds awesome) of our Milky Way. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with photographing the Milky Way.

12 February 2017 / Lens Reviews
12 February 2017 / Uncategorised

I spent 8 days in Northeast Hokkaido in January to photograph birds and wildlife in winter. If you hail from Canada, you’re probably familiar with all of the tips below already and then some. But if you’re like me and come from a country that’s mostly free of snow, the tips below should hopefully help get the logistics out of the way so you can focus on the important stuff – taking great photos.